Saturday, March 3, 2018

This is what corruption looks like:

Candidate for Trustee #4 against Gary Feest is Floyd Skip Leonard - best known for being the owner of Floyd's Towing.

Floyd's is contracted by the Village of Mt. Pleasant to service Police vehicles and as the Village Police vehicle impound lot. He makes a nice dollar off of the residents for his services. $26,000 in just a couple of months during the fraction of time there was a Finance Director posting the check register.

However, as a Village Trustee, state law and municipal ordinances prohibit the use of public office for private gain - meaning you can't profit off your public office - it's a conflict of interest.

We don't know why Skip thinks he can keep his contracts AND be a trustee - but he can't.

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OrbsCorbs said...

6 or 7 years ago, I took my truck to Floyd's Towing to get an estimate on replacing the fuel injectors (6). Floyds wanted $700. Uh=oh, time to go back to the trusted mechanics. My regular guy wanted $400. Some street mechanics quoted me a labor charge of $200 and the cost of the injectors.

I went with my regular guy. It turned into the job from hell. One injector was defective, so he got another one. My regular guy said that they'd get the truck up and running nicely and then it would idle like shit for awhile, then it would go back to smooth.

At one point during this process, they declared the truck fixed. "Come and get it." So I did. She started right up and ran smooth. Then, less than a block away, something conked out and I barely got it back to the shop. They were super apologetic and said this was the problem they'd been dealing with. By the end of the week, my guy called and said, "Come and get it," again. As it would turn out, this final fix fixed it. When I asked my mechanic what they did, he said they used a different brand of injector for the one that kept fouling out. The truck ran perfectly.

Normally, you don't mix brands when servicing a vehicle. This time it worked.