Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends and lovers!  How are you?  Things have been going on as usual in the Zoltar/Zanza household.  My boys are so good to me, they clean and maintain the yard (when it isn't snowing).  Lately we've seen more sun.  I love it.  Our friend, Mr. Sol, is just starting up for spring and summer.  By August everyone will be wailing about the sun and the heat.  Then September is dropped on them like a bomb, ka-boom, and we're already looking for warmer days.  Our weather is fickle.  Like a sweet and sour pickle.

I find that ignoring the news leads to a calmer inner self.  You can ignore it for six months and then just pick it up again.  It's always the same old stuff.  Mr. Trump has certainly added his style and flair to the Presidency.  Who cares?  The politicians put on a show for us to keep us from finding out the facts.  It's just a show.

I think I'm becoming immune to the local political scams, too.  Mr. Lying John was such a blatantly corrupt politician, always making noise.  The quiet of the local machine running well is also welcome.  Nobody cares as long as they get paid.

Oh my.  I'm headed into Negative Land again.  Just ignore, ignore.

I'm also headed into hypoglycemia.  I was very sick for a day and haven't eaten.

(Eek!  I fell asleep for 5 hours.)  I got a bowl of cereal in me.  Then, zzzzzzzz.  The "sickness" I fought for a day was a huge turd stuck halfway out.  I tried and tried for hours.  I thought for sure my hemorrhoids would start bleeding, or something would pop because I was placing so much pressure upon myself.  Finally it started to move.  It seemed to last forever and when it dropped into the toilet, I heard a tink.   The whole process reminded me of giving  birth to Junior.  Not to say that Junior is a piece of shit.  He's not.  He's great.

I'm still half-asleep and hungry.  What a way to live.

Thanks for reading this "stuff."  I love all of my readers, even the ones who criticize me.

I'm sorry for cutting this short, but it's been a strange experience.  Irregulars should expect irregularity.   Nothing is certain but my love for you.
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