Monday, May 28, 2018

Alderman Jeff Coe

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

Alderman Jeff Coe is alleged to have made this remark, when denying Vapemeisters an alcohol permit:

Online records show that the committee recommended denial after First District Alderman Jeff Coe raised concerns about underage people being around alcohol and the possibility of setting “a precedent for approving other businesses within the city to sell alcohol so long as they serve some food.”

*WOW* Is Alderman Jeff Coe confused? Alcohol & Food are a staple in Racine, WI. So what's the problem? Has his hand not been greased?

I'd have to agree with the sentiment of the owners of the Establishment:

Last week, the Public Safety and Licensing Committee recommended denial of the shop’s application. The recommendation, given at a Tuesday committee meeting, left Jeff Kurth, the lounge’s general manager, in his words “confused and baffled.” It’s a recommendation he hopes the City Council will overturn at its meeting on June 5.

Does "Pay to Play" rule Racine?

And I personally refuse to believe that Alderman Jeff Coe is a Teetotaler. He appears to be a regular at many Downtown Bars which serve alcohol and food.

I guess that the SHAKEDOWN has now come into play - So what's the VIG? Jeff Coe drinks for free?


Tim & CIndy

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TSE said...

Alderman Coe's remarks are 'PRECIOUS"


You cannot make it up! There are NO LIMITS to the stupidity which flies out of the mouths of Racine's Drun.... uh...

Common Council.

Let's hope they don;t want to sell 40's, the dreaded singles, and drug paraphernalia! Only friends of Little Buddy Jimmy Ladwig are allowed that privilege in Downtown Racine!