Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello my sweety pies and sour pusses!  How are you?  How about that weather yesterday?  I had all of my windows open and even spent some time resting in our yard (so nicely manicured by my boys).  Today is for poop [it's supposed to rain], but that's the beauty of weather.  If you don't like it, stick around; it will change.  That's what "they" say.  "They" seem to say a lot, but I don't hear most of it.  I'm too busy with my family and career to listen to gossip.

Well, Foxconn lost their largest account, Apple, and now the monstrosity they're building out west may be obsolete by the time it's completed.  This whole deal stinks.  We've given away a billion dollars for promises.  Remember Pearl Harbor.

Well, some poor patron of the Ivanhoe in downtown was stripped of his pants and his money.  Of course, this is "normal" and not an indication that downtown has become a drunken brawl at night.  Put a cop in front of every drinking establishment.  People will sober up real quick.  Yes, a policeman out from hiding in his car and actually standing on the street.  Oh my!  It will never happen.  It would give the "wrong impression."  Better let people be robbed and beaten than admit to a problem.  It's the Racine way.  Ignore a problem until it becomes so big that you can't ignore it.  Then blame it on somebody else.

Where does all the money come from?  Mr. Ex-mayor Dickert peed away hundreds of millions of our tax dollars.  Now Foxconn is the next to suckle at the teat of corporate welfare.  They've been given everything but the capitol dome.  They make Mr. Ex-mayor Dickert look like a piker. So, where does all the money come from?  Go before the Common Council for any proposal that costs money and you're likely to be turned down for budgetary reasons.  But there's always a few million laying around for cronies.  It seems to me that Foxconn has been promised more money than exists in the entire state.  Perhaps we need a new state: Foxconnsin.

Where does all the money come from?  I wish I could conjure up as much.  I'm in the wrong profession.  I should have been a politician.  Then I could lie like hell, steal a ton of money, and still be re-elected.  I bet you I would have had a better shot at the presidency than Hillary.  But remember, she won the election but lost to the Electoral College.  If those sons of bitches tried to take away my victory, I'd turn them all into toads.  It says, "We the people . . .," not "We the Electoral College. . ."  Just more corruption at the highest levels of government.  If your government is crooked, how can you stay honest?

Mr. Trump is finding himself more and more isolated on the world stage.  His lies will destroy him.  Someone asked me yesterday, "Do you think Trump will win a second term?"  Heck, I'll be surprised if he finishes this one.  What will be left to chew up?  Maybe he could televise a second term and make a complete mockery of the presidency.  He can charge millions for the commercials.  That would be a money maker.

Here's a cute little video:

So Iran still might become a nuclear power.  What is Mr. Trump's purpose in the Middle East?  To expedite a nuclear holocaust?

That's enough ranting and raving.  Whenever I talk politics, I end up worked up.  It's not worth it.  Nothing will change, so just focus on my little life and leave the heavy duty work to the "professionals."  (Professional crooks.)  No matter, I love you and all of my readers and I thank you for reading my scribbling each week.  I care about you and want to hear what you have to say.  There's a comment section below. 

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts and then rest on days like this.  Take care of yourselves, Irregulars.  We never know when we may be needed, so pay heed to my warnings.  Most importantly, love one another.  If you can't, then fake it.  
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