Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"Gorilla Epoxy"

Best damn epoxy I've ever used.  It dries clear and strong.  I don't know about the "weld" stuff, but I tend to believe them.  Maybe I'll use that stuff when I patch up my truck's cracked grill.  Black on black should make it easier.  I'm tempted to use the epoxy on a star that's cracked my windshield.  It's small, but too big for the epoxy cure at J F Auto Glass.  $200 for a new windshield.  The star has not changed shape or cracked anymore.  I may just put a dab or two of the epoxy on there.    

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OrbsCorbs said...

The Ultimate Epoxy Competition--Which Epoxy is the Best?

Good ol' J B Weld and Devcon - Plastic Steel did the best. Gorilla glue was always the last of the quick setting epoxies to fail.