Thursday, May 3, 2018

"Survey: Racine police morale 'absolutely horrible'"

From The Journal

RACINE — Poor morale and lack of leadership came up as two of the biggest issues facing the Racine Police Department, according to a survey completed earlier this year that was recently released to The Journal Times.

The survey was conducted in mid-March, about two months after the fatal police-involved shooting of Donte Shannon. It was completed at the request of the city’s police unions: the Racine Police Association, representing officers; and the Staff Officers Association, representing supervisors. The results show that “absolutely horrible” morale was a frequently identified issue.

Union officials declined to talk to The Journal Times directly but answered questions about the survey through the state’s police association.

Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, said the police unions wanted to gain insight about the struggles the department faces in attracting and retaining officers.

“The two associations intend to use the survey results, which they have only begun to process, as a collaborative tool to help develop long-term competitive strategies to attract and retain officers and otherwise enhance the city’s overall capacity to keep the community safe,” Palmer stated.
He said the police associations funded the approximately $6,000 survey.

It was conducted by Chicago-based Standard & Associates. The survey consisted of 103 questions spanning 18 categories. Although officers shared some positive feedback, they also complained about management, working conditions and overall department morale.

The Journal Times reviewed only an overview about the survey results. The full report was not given to The Journal Times.

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