Monday, May 14, 2018

"The Cheap Illinois Boaters Who “Brown Bag It” On Their Yachts at the Racine County Owned Reefpoint Marina Will Continue to Diss Downtown Racine Merchants as Gas Approaches $3+ Gal!!"

The Cheap Boaters of Illinois have failed again and again – for well over a decade – to become patrons of Downtown Racine Businesses while the Politicians continue to blind their eyes to the fact that boating in Racine is a 3 month proposition at best, in a year which consists of 12 months! Otherwise, large portions of Downtown Racine would be paying their fair share of property taxes for the interest of the Community at Large, instead of being directed back into themselves via TIF Districts!

As JT Commentator Tortuga so succinctly noted:

As the Gas Prices continue to rise in Racine, WI. – so will the unemployment rate, crime, desperation, and CHEAP Illinois “Brown Baggers” ripping off Racine County Taxpayers, who subsidize their “Yachting Lifestyle”! Racine County
SUCKERSTaxpayers continue to gladly subsidize it’s operation by moving out of budget, large expenses to “Debt Service” – and so the illusion continues!
And so Racine County will continue to spiral downwards – into the RED!



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