Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears and fears!  How are you?  Did you survive the big spring heatwave of 2018?  Doesn't it feel good now?  Well, tomorrow is the official first day of summer, so I assume we'll have plenty of heat ahead.  I like a little heat.  I don't like it hot.  I don't like my underwear soaked in sweat.  I don't like my makeup falling off in chunks.  And I don't like 5 inches of rain in 5 minutes, or whatever we had.  For the first time in decades, the basement is flooded.  Not a big, deep flood, but still some water in the center of rooms.  I'm not even checking my root cellar.  I'm going to assume that all on board drowned in the flood.  I'm going to give it time to empty.

The boys can't get much yard work done with weather like this.  It's too wet.  Not too long ago, it was too dry.  Thus are the vagaries of landscape maintenance.  And even if we have a perfect summer, someone else won't.  The weather isn't fair or even necessarily sane.  Ma Nature is AWOL, and all hell is breaking loose.  I foresee a shift in the polar extremes.  A complete reversal of everything.  It's going to get mighty weird.

How weird is the forced separation of children from their parents at the border?  We now have over 2,300 children in custody.  What a mess.  This will definitely affect legal crossings in the future.  It's back to the coyotes.

Mayor McMason announced a study to study studies in Racine county.  It is hoped to gain some insight into the behavior and proliferation of studies.  I think the studies are getting together and making little baby studies that grow into adults.  Tsk-tsk!  Such behavior must stop.  Who ends up paying to support these children?  We do, of course.  Study that, McMason!

My, it's so much quieter with the exit of Mr. Ex-Mayor Lying John.  It's no less corrupt, just quieter.  The right palms still have to be greased if you want to succeed in Racine.  Knowing the mayor is a plus.  Kissing his rather large butt is a plus plus.

A bakery has opened in downtown.  There goes my diet!  I love fresh baked foods.  Add fresh coffee or milk or CocaCola for the perfect "continental breakfast."  It's the real thing!  Things go better with Coke.  "Things" and Coke apparently have a strong relationship.  Coke is always telling things how to act.

Finally, here's a video on sleeping.  It was requested by a reader:

I love you all and thank you for reading my blog.  It's always wonderful to have company.

Watch out for kids on the streets.  It's summer and the time is right for playing in the streets.
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Tender Heart Bear said...

During the down pour the other night I was saving our plants on the patio and when I was done I felt like I just came out of the pool I was soaked from head to toe.