Saturday, June 9, 2018

If pee were money

I'd be drowning in riches.  I'm on a water pill.  It's supposed to help with my blood pressure.  Finally, my doctor has said, "Y'know, 140 over 60 isn't so bad for you."  Wtf?  Yes, it is.  I'm surprised by his admission.  And a water pill makes it hard to stay hydrated as I'm supposed to do for my kidneys, as well as lower my bp.  I remind him of my need to keep my bp low.  "Exactly," he replied.  Wjat's that supposed to mean?  Doctors don't just bury their mistakes; sometimes they bury their successes, too.  My nephrologist has pounded it into me: stay hydrated and keep my bp low.  Who do I listen to?

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