Thursday, July 12, 2018

Case retiree company insurance loss finally happens Aug. 31

But the retired Public Employees of Racine and Racine County are allowed to continue LOOTING the taxpayers who are brave enough to remain!

A number of J.I. Case Co. retirees will soon see their company-paid health insurance benefits end following a Supreme Court decision made earlier this year.
In late June, a large segment of former J.I. Case Co. employees represented by the UAW received a letter informing them that the health insurance provided as part of their retiree benefits will expire Aug. 31. It was the culmination of more than two decades of high-stakes legal wrangling that affects retirees who left the company between July 1, 1994, and April 1, 2005, and surviving spouses of that same group.
Those retirees will be able to elect new coverage that will come with higher deductibles, but which CNH Industrial, the present incarnation of the company, says is “similar in many ways to current UAW retiree benefits and cost structure.” New coverage would begin on Sept. 1.

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