Monday, July 16, 2018

Doctors: Removal of Dildo from Sean Hannity's Ass will Require Surgery

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity was rushed to the emergency room early Sunday morning with a dildo firmly entrenched in his anus.  Attempts to remove the ten-inch long device using local anesthetics were unsuccessful.  That's when doctors decided that surgery was the only way to go.  Mr. Hannity was not happy with the news and reportedly callled medical personnel "libtards."  They in turn reminded Mr. Hannity that they didn't have to accept him as a patient.  He could seek redress elsewhere.  That shut Mr. Hannity up. We'll let you know the results of that surgery as soon as we hear anything.  God bless Sean Hannity.


TSE said...

Anderson Cooper was found beneath Sean Hannity's ass wearing a 10"" black plastic dildo strapped over his head, protruding through his mouth; demanding a "warm lunch".

Pimpadelic - Caught it from me

Clint Teeters said...

Quit making stuff up.

JT Irregulars said...

The surgery was a success. However, surgeons feared the worst when they discovered that Mr. Hannity was brain dead. They were greatly relieved to learn that that is his normal condition.