Tuesday, July 24, 2018

First drive-through pot shop opens in Auburn

Link:  https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/first-drive-through-pot-shop-opens-in-auburn/281-576292046
Maybe it's to grab some fast food, do some banking, or pick up a 
prescription. The drive-through has long been a convenience many of us 
rely on to keep our busy days moving. Now you can add marijuana to the 
list of things to get on the go. 
"They can order online and it can literally be ready when they get to 
the window," said Joint Rivers General Manager Audria Jaggers. 
The brand new pot shop is located in Auburn on the Muckleshoot 
Reservation, so it got special permission with the state to add 
drive-through service. There's a basic menu much like a typical fast 
food restaurant, but there's also a security guard checking to make 
sure everyone in the car is 21. Identifications get checked two more 
times at the pickup window. 
"There are so many security checkpoints for that drive-through to make 
sure that we eliminate any potential risk," said Jaggers. 
One customer, Bob, says for him it's all about convenience. 
"My knee's blown out and I'm on crutches, so I can't walk too well. 
This is easy. Way easier," he said. 
But for others, it's about keeping a low profile. 
"Cannabis retail is very different. You've got some people that want 
that authenticity and they want that connection and then others do not 
want that connection. They want to stay secretive and they kinda want 
to stay back and keep that discretion wall up," said Jaggers. 
The other market they hope to target is tourists who are curious about 
Washington's marijuana laws but may have some reservations. 
"Nervous about all the cameras. Nervous about having their ID's 
scanned. So the drive-through offers a really nice option," she said. 

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