Monday, July 16, 2018


A Better Mt. Pleasant 
No one knows these issues better than Kim Mahoney. 
Kim Mahoney - July 13 at 1:18 PM · 
Here is a publicity piece from Wiseye.Org to showcase the Foxconn 
project. While the producer does an okay job on challenging some 
points, he doesn't go nearly far enough to fact check Jonathan and he 
just lets other falsehoods slide. 
First - we now know that Mount Pleasant was a "serious contender" to 
get the Foxconn development as early as February 2017. In the 
meantime, they allowed people to put up pools and big pole barns. 
Never once did they solicit input from Mount Pleasant residents to 
find out if they would want to foot the bill or give up land for this 
massive project. They made the decision for us. 
Second - Jonathan says the scope of the project was initially 500 
acres, but has more than doubled. Doubled? The three project areas 
take up 2,900 acres and that doesn't even include the North Area. They 
have acquired most of the land already but have no set plans for Areas 
II and III. Many of those people could have remained in their homes 
for the next 5-10 years. 
Third - he says Racine County residents are "almost universally 
positive" about the project. Really? He must not be talking to the 
same people I am talking to. People are pissed about being forced out 
of their homes, they are worried about the amount of money we have 
promised to give Foxconn, they are doubtful the 13,00 jobs will 
materialize, they are concerned about the air pollution, water 
pollution, storm water runoff and Lake Michigan diversion. Jonathan - 
you are obviously not in touch with Racine County residents or you are 
Fourth - the water diversion is violating the Great Lakes Compact 
because the water being diverted will be used for manufacturing, not 
primarily residential. You are setting a terrible precedent. 
Fifth - what is causing the air pollution/excess ozone emissions is 
irrelevant and to bring it up is ridiculous. You completely ignore the 
fact that the pollution already exists and it is harmful to our 
health. Now you are adding another major contributor that will exceed 
the maximum allowable limits for certain air pollution emissions. This 
goes to show you care nothing about the health of Racine County 
residents, especially those susceptible to breathing problems. 
Sixth - you keep talking about the jobs - the up to 13,000 "middle 
class high paying" jobs. The average job is promised to be $54,000. 
Can you support your family on $54,000? Nobody in Wisconsin can 
support a family for that income. And most of the workers will only be 
making $30,000, not $54,000. And, they do not anticipate achieving 
that number until the year 2040 - 22 years from now. You make it seem 
as if those jobs will magically appear as soon as Foxconn opens its 
doors in 2020. 
Seventh and last - I appreciate you saying that you do not believe 
eminent domain should be used to acquire property that will be given 
to Foxconn but you continue to spout the falsehood that 95% of the 
property acquisitions thus far have been "voluntary." Each and every 
homeowner was threatened with eminent domain. If they refuse to sell, 
the Village will take their property under eminent domain. When 
someone literally has no choice, it is the opposite of the definition 
of "voluntary."

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Anonymous said...

The Racine County Executive is just another overpaid 6 figure gold plated boat anchor with a $30,000 - $40,000 (at least) tax free Benefit package waiting for the day he can tap into his over generous taxpayer funded pension and bennies.