Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Dear City of Racine Alderpsersons, 
Just provided for your information - as Mayor Cory Mason has been a 
force, and instrumental in forcing the Foxconn project forward and 
expects to reap a whirlwind. 
DOJ Validates Concerns Regarding Mt. Pleasant Open Meetings and Free 
Speech Violations: a must READ - 
“The DOJ guidance made it very clear it is unlikely the actions of Mt. 
Pleasant would be upheld in a court of law or by the Attorney General, 
but village officials were cautioned against restricting public 
comment about agenda items during a publicly noticed comment period,” 
Gallaher continued. “We expect a formal apology to the residents who 
had the right to speak and were denied. We also expect change.” 
“Mt. Pleasant has an embarrassing history of violating state policies 
on meeting notifications, failing to approve and publish minutes of 
official actions, and operating with little to no accountability. This 
behavior must end. We are absolutely willing to take this village to 
court in order to bring about real institutional change.” Gallaher 
concludes, “it’s their choice, they can continue to be an embarrassing 
example of how local government should not work or they can learn to 
be better.” 
Here is a publicity piece from Wiseye.Org to showcase the Foxconn 
project. While the producer does an okay job on challenging some 
points, he doesn’t go nearly far enough to fact check Jonathan and he 
just lets other falsehoods slide. 
And now Cory Mason & CO. is going to demolish those mega-million 
$$$$$$ buildings at Machinery Row?!!! 
General Incompetence is in charge - along with Graft, Corruption, Lies 
& Collusion. 
Tim & Cindy 

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