Monday, July 9, 2018

"Stormy Daniels Blows Off Migrant Children At Border, Instead Finds Time To Strip For Cash"

In the two weeks since Stormy Daniels pledged to visit migrant children housed at the border following Melania Trump's June 21 trip to McAllen Texas, the adult film star appears to have blown the kids off - instead stripping for cash at nine clubs around the country while the children suffer. 
No word on when she plans to visit those children, though she did make $75,000 during a single night in Vegas in January - so maybe she's saving up for gift baskets before she embarks on her Mother Teresa mission to kiss the feet of the unwashed.
Stormy did however fire off a Saturday tweet to signal her virtue - writing "The children detained at the border have families who love them and want them back. Let's reunite them so the resources being wasted can be used to help others in need."


OrbsCorbs said...

Her boobs are way too big.

Anonymous said...

she is a pig