Friday, July 27, 2018


Shortly after my shift began today - I chose to quit, because it is in 
self-defense of my own best self interest. I turned in my employee 
badge to Dillion, along with all company owned property in my 
possession, thanked him, and shook his hand. Unfortunately, I could 
not remember the combination to the lock on my locker - simply because 
I hadn't used it for so long - but I did show it to Dillon and let him 
know that there is only Company owned equipment in there - a grinder, 
discs for the grinder, and a faceshield; I couldn't remember the 
combination because I hadn't used it for so long. In my apartment, I 
found the combination - it is: 30 - 04 - 34, please provide this 
information to Eagle Bend. I also turned in my parking pass to the 
gate guard. I will NOT return, and there is no company owned equipment 
in my possession. 
Prior to quitting - I had  discussed the situation with my Supervisor 
and he told me that I would be permanently assigned to 
work with Lisa and that it would not change any time soon. I decided 
that those conditions were unacceptable to me - and exposed me to 
great risk and harm which was not in my best interest, and that future 
troubles which might lead to tarnishing my reputation would likely 
result - and I believe that it is my best self interest to flee 
trouble. In civil life this is known as DIVORCE. 
My quitting was the result of being assigned to work with Lisa. 
Previously, Lisa had engaged another group of employees with her 
"trailer park trash'" attitude, behavior and speech - which lead to a 
great deal of turmoil - so much that she wasn't allowed to work with 
certain groups of people and that to this day there are hard feelings 
which remain. I will admit - that she is a good worker when she is 
actively engaged in working - but her behavior often becomes 
combative, provocative, annoying, and demanding - usually because she 
isn't paying attention to or focusing on work, or becomes obsessed 
with the actions or duties of other activities or employees who have 
no bearing upon her work duties. This was an especial problem because 
we are engaged in a fast paced manufacturing environment which 
requires quick, repetitive, and accurate  motions and where "minor 
mistakes" can have  long term negative impacts on 
production/costs/maintenance/delivery, etc. Lisa chose to engage me in 
numerous situations of her "trailer park trash" like attitude and 
outbursts in a NO WIN situation, and I found myself becoming 
internally angry and frustrated - something which I must contain, and 
did so, but over time it was becoming more difficult. As a white male, 
in today's work environment - I absolutely cannot afford to respond in 
kind - nor do I want to - and I do not enjoy being subjected to the 
proactive outbursts from someone who would be an ideal subject of an 
arrest in an Episode of "COPS - White Trailer Trash Edition". 
I apologize for "stiffing" Eagle Bend - but they failed in their duty 
to provide a safe and professional work environment, free from 
unnecessary harassment, hostility and provocation. 
Besides - these assholes put you on the FOREVER A TEMP plan, so they 
never provide one with benefits or an adequate living wage. 

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