Monday, July 30, 2018

Usual Style

I usually wear it in a Pony Tail. 


TSE said...

How to Tie Your Long Hair – For Men

Anonymous said...

The ponytail is a control feature for the alien, it also swings back and forth to swat flies.

TSE said...

You can pull my finger, but NOT my ponytail.


TSE said...

My Neanderthal ancestors would have long ago rejected the - what is to be the short lived - Industrial Civilization thrust upon this Planet by Cro-Magnons.

n in-depth analysis has been published in The Social Contract, Winter 2005-2006: The Olduvai Theory. Energy, Population, and Industrial Civilization.
"The Olduvai Theory states that the life expectancy of industrial civilization is approximately 100 years: circa 1930-2030. Energy production per capita (e) defines it. The exponential growth of world energy production ended in 1970... Average e will show no growth from 1979 through circa 2008 ... The rate of change of e will go steeply negative circa 2008 ... World population will decline to about two billion circa 2050 ... A growing number of independent studies concur...."