Saturday, August 11, 2018

ANOTHER Black Eye for MTP Residents

Dear Village Board, 
Yet ANOTHER Black Eye for MTP Residents - as: 
(A Better MTP sends) 
Over the last week, we received two separate tips from reliable 
sources that negotiations between Mount Pleasant and the Racine Water 
Commission regarding amending the water agreement for Foxconn have 
been abandoned for the time being. 
The reason given to us by both sources is that in spite of a good 
faith agreement, Racine was reportedly blindsided when Mt. Pleasant 
decided to "revise" the agreement by adding in and taking out items 
Racine never agreed to. 
When commission members were presented with the "new" agreement, they 
walked out of the meeting without any further discussion. 
To make matters worse and far more insulting, Village President Dave 
DeGroot penned a commentary in the Journal Times just a couple of days 
later, complaining about Racine Water Utility REC fees, basically 
rubbing their faces in the entire deal. 
Ah, leadership. Our sources tell us that the people on the Water 
Commission are super angry. 
We think it's just another day doing business in Mt. Pleasant. 
It is time for the entire MTP Board and President to resign. 
Tim & Cindy 

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