Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my children!  How are you? We've been having absolutely gorgeous weather.  However, we do need rain.  The best way to start August is with a semi-drought.  The month is known for it.  Pretty soon our grass goes dormant, then it rebounds in September.  August is a hot, dry month.  Back home, I picked Roma tomatoes for export during August.  It was hot, so hot that the sweat just poured out of me.  Every now and agin I would eat a tomato to stay hydrated.  They were delicious.  Those were the "good old days."

I read where ICE detained Ricardo Fierro, a Racinian.  Something set them off.  Does Ricardo have any enemies?  When they swoop in for just one guy, they have a good reason.  Did someone snitch on Ricardo?  Evem so, as settled and rooted as Ricardo is in the community, it's hard to conceive of why they grabbed him up.

My "boys" surprised me by washing and waxing my car.  They're so good to me.  Señor Zanza does it out of love.  Junior usually wants something.  I said "no" to his plan to spend the night at some girls' house because her parents are out of town.  I have to warch Junior every minute, or Señor Zanza does.  How come that boy has no moral sense?

Electric cars!  The people who live next door to me have pirchased an electric or hybrid car. I was crossing the stret and near;y got run over by the silent little thing.  You can't hear them coming (or going) and that makes them dangerous.  I can't imaginge what it will be like when the vast majority of cars are electric.  A noiseless mob.

Driverless cars!  Wtf?  Really? Take away what fun there is with cars.  At what point will these be unleashed upon the public?  And will insurance cover them? I see driverless cars good for coming home from a party or the bar, and not much else.  So, if you're a practicing alcoholic, go out and get a driverless car.

How many times have I answered when someone was speaking on an ear phone?  "There's no Sam here," L said/  Then I saw the gizmo in his ear.  Darn!  I hate being humiliated. 
We went to the county fair.  Señor Zanza had never seen ine.  I think the amounyof animals surpised him.  Junior, of course, just wanted to chase girls.  I just wanted to soak in the sights, sounds, snd smellls of the okace.  A slow walk would be fine with me, but Junior keeps pulling us ahead, into the future.

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Emjoy the weather.  Doctors and scientists say it's good for you..  Then they talk about sunblock.
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