Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends!  How are you?  The weather has certainly been nicer, but don't hold your breath.  I'm sure August's hell fire will be roasting us soom.  Like chestnuts over an open fire.  Wear your sun block, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol.  I realize that that last one might be tough for some people, but booze dehydrates you.  Most alkies end up shriveled pieces of bacon anyway.  Booze is bad for you.

So is marijuana, but for a different reason.  Marijuana is usuallysmoked, and that's bad for your lungs.  How about those advisory referendum questions on marijuana that will be on the ballot in November?  What's your opinion?  Mine is that I'd rather face a horde of pot heads rather than a hordfe of alcoholics.  Alcohol makes you angry and crazy to fight.  Marijuana makes you mellow and gives you the munchies.  Maybe if marijuana had been the drug of choice for pioneers as opposed to alcohol, we might have killed far fewer Native Americans and treated their land better.  I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but I'd like to see alcohol made illegal again.  Alcohol kills and kills and kills.  Marijuana makes you sleepy.

Was marijuana unheard of in the Old Country?  The men and women who came over here were thoroughly ingrained with booze.  What a different country we might have if it weren't based on the murder of innocents.  And murder of the bison, too. Our ancestors were racists who hated Native Americans and enslaved black people.  Realize that our people were burning "witches" to death. Superstition ruled the day.

I hear there are six Democrats looking to run against Walker.  With no strong leader among them, the Dems are setting themselves up for a loss again.  We need ONE candidate that we can all get behind in his or her efforts to defeat Walker.  Gov. Walker is one of the stupidest people I've ever seen.  He couldn't find his ass with both hands, but he'll win if the Democrats don't put up someone extraordinary.  It's unfortunate that most honest men and women want nothing to do with politics.  Thus we get the liars and grifters and criminals in our Congress.

If nothing else, the corruption in our government can be ignored if you're high.  Heck, just about anything can be ignored if you're buzzed.   I would think the politicians would want to spread the effects of grass around to numb the populace.  A reefer a day keeps the untouchables away.  And why do Racine police press state charges against those acusedof possession of pot.  25 years ago Racine made possession of 25 grams or less a citation offense.  Why do our police irgnore the will of the people?  Do they take pleasure in brutally punishing someone for consuming a product that our bodies have abundant receptors for.  Unfortunately, I believe that the police wish to continue the War on Drugs because they get forfeited money and cars.

That film is funny as hell.

I love you all and thank you for stopping by to read myblog.

Enjoy the weather. Get out and experience it.  Soon, I'm sure, the heat and humidity will return.

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TSE said...

Reefer isn't the problem -

It's Government - that's the problem.