Friday, August 10, 2018

Fully Informed Jury Association

Have you ever heard of FIJA? Fully Informed Jury Association. 
I used to be a member. 
One day - I participated in an educational seminar led by Bill - from 
West Allis - a retired cop - of all things. He had twelve of us dress 
in Black Robes - and march around the Milwaukee Courthouse - passing 
out literature from FIJA - to inform the people that they also had the 
right to decide if the law under which the Defendant was being 
prosecuted was Just. 
The concept is Jury Nullification - first used by WIlliam Penn.... 
Penn and William Mead had been arrested in 1670 for illegally 
preaching a Quaker sermon and disturbing the peace, but four jurors, 
led by Edward Bushell, refused to find them guilty. ... This series of 
events is considered a significant milestone in the history of jury 

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