Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jeremy Ryan For Congress Campaign Video "Pissed The Fuck Off"

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TSE said...

Jeremy Ryan lost in the Republican primary and he now endorses Dr. Ken Yorgan - an Independent candidate:

Thanks for the endorsement, I look forward to working with you on the decriminalization of cannabis at the federal level among other issues.

Ryan's Endorsement:
This morning I got an email suggesting I should endorse and campaign with Bryan Steil and possibly could get a Capitol aide job out of it... No thanks... I decided who I would endorse for the general if I did not win the primary which was a long shot to begin with... So without further ado I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Ken Yorgan for Wisconsins 1st Congressional District... Dr. Yorgan showed up to two debates (both Bryce and Steil were invited to both but didn't show) and in those debates it became clear he was the guy we need in Congress... Much like myself he is running a moneyless campaign... He is not tied to either party... And his ideas are most in line with mine... He is the most progressive candidate on the ballot in November and as the primary yesterday proved progressive transcends party lines... Hes also a wonderful person to have a conversation with... I don't live in the district but if I did I would gladly vote for Dr. Yorgan for Congress... And that is who I will endorse...