Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mount Pleasant Police reopen investigation into stabbing

This is incredible. 
In July, Mt. Pleasant police arrested a man for a 2017 stabbing at 
Cham-Tap. It turns out they never looked at the bar's video footage 
until it was shown to them on Monday by Racine County Eye. 
The video recording shows the man who was charged, leaving the bar 5 
minutes before the stabbing took place. The video also shows that the 
man who was charged by MPPD looked nothing like the man who is 
believed to have stabbed two people. 
Apparently, when charges were brought a couple of weeks ago by Racine 
County District Attorney Tricia Hanson, witnesses tried to contact 
both the MPPD and the District Attorney's office to say they were 
charging the wrong guy. 
They were told by Mt. Pleasant their statements were not needed and 
when they tried calling Hanson - the phone just kept ringing and 
ringing with no voicemail. 
How is it possible that neither the MPPD or the D.A. looked at the 
video before Monday? 
Mt. Pleasant police say they are now reopening the case and Hanson 
will be back in her office tomorrow. 


TSE said...

Incompetence at all levels of Law Enforcement led by MTP Police Chief Timothy Zarzecki and Racine DA Trish Hanson!

Say it ain't so - Batman!

Set sail to expect disappointment in Racine County.

Anonymous said...

Batman; say it ain't so Batman!