Thursday, August 9, 2018

Spate of Milwaukee homicides have one thing in common — arguments that escalate into violence

From JSOnline:

Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Of the six homicides reported in Milwaukee in less than 48 hours, police say five of the killings were prompted by the same thing: an argument.

It's familiar problem facing the city.

For the past several years, about a quarter of Milwaukee's homicides  have stemmed from an argument or fight. Nearly all of those homicides involved a gun.

"Here's where I say this is a cowardly act, to escalate an argument, to escalate to the use of a gun is a cowardly act," Police Chief Alfonso Morales said Tuesday.

About 10 hours after Morales, Mayor Tom Barrett, city officials, and faith and community leaders called for an end to the violence, another homicide was reported

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TSE said...

From Chicago to Milwaukee - it's the D's that are regulating, taxing, and in control of the Police that are the problem.