Sunday, October 21, 2018

Foxconn Brazil

Dear Board of County Supervisors,
Dazed and Confused Politicians in SE Wisconsin simply don’t understand that Foxconn is in the business of making money, while keeping their labor costs low, so profits are maximized. Politicians never have to worry about labor costs or selling price points because they have the power of taxation – imposing the collection of taxes at the point of a gun, versus the private sector, which must sell consumers a manufactured product.  Which in Wisconsin Foxconn’s case is a LCD TV.
SE Wisconsin residents need to be particularly concerned as Foxconn has recently decided to discontinue it’s $12 Billion investment in Brazil!
See the article:
From the article:
"Foxconn is set to cease its manufacturing activities in Brazil, according to sources close to the Taiwanese company.
The company's staff have been working on shutting down the facility located in Jundiaí, a city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, and assisting on the deactivation and sale of machinery, according to Brazilian business magazine IstoÉDinheiro.
Foxconn had a second facility in the same business park, which is already empty. The idea is to only keep a limited local set-up intended for parts replacement and maintenance, according to the article.
The news Foxconn is stopping its manufacturing activities in Brazil is a far cry from all the noise the firm caused a few years ago: back in 2011, the company had pledged to invest $12bn in the country and create 100,000 local jobs within six years.
However, the promises soon proved hard to keep: the company wanted the Brazilian government to come up with 30 percent of the cash, as well as a private investor – both failed to materialize.
As well as the economic instability that the Brazilian economy, it is also rumored that other factors influencing the decision include the productivity of the local workforce – which at its peak reached about 2,500 workers – which Foxconn considers to be low when compared to its main manufacturing operations."
I hope that the County Board has an emergency "Plan B" to deal with the financial ruin which will more assuredly strike Racine County if the Foxconn miracle doesn't work out as advertised by Politicians.
Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott Walker, Representatives Robin Vos,  Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.
Tim & Cindy

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