Saturday, November 17, 2018

Darkside of Foxconn Project

Dear County Board,

I'm taking the other side of the Foxconn gamble in SE WI - which is to say that it is destined for failure, was ill conceived from the beginning, and will only lead to the eventual and ultimate collapse of SE WI as part of Industrial Civilization. Understand that Collapse was always the end result - your actions only hastened it.

Politicians have to lie, because it is their only means of support.

They justify endless wars, instill fear, demand endless tribute, and bully the productive. Their ranks multiply until they become a unstoppable swarm whose demands exceed the capacity of the productive, rapes the land, and creates societal collapse. Soon to be coming to SE WI and beyond.

Please see my post:


Tim & Cindy


TSE said...


Who is the idiot making those GD baseless Klaims?

Must be related to the Kommunist Kattenjahmmer Kidzs!

Go Ratcine! Go!

TSE said...

Prove me wrong....

Always open to HONEST and OPEN discussion.....

Proof = evidence.

Hearsay or magical thinking is not allowed