Sunday, November 18, 2018

Flatiron Village Mall

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

I am concerned that a Business, located at 1661 Douglas Ave., known as Flatiron Village Mall, has a license from City of Racine to operate a Gambling Hall - a BINGO operation, yet has not paid the property taxes due since 2011, and is currently, according to Racine County records, $217,604.36 in arrears. In addition, the building, affiliated with the non-profit Northside Redevelopment Project Inc, is being allowed to blight the neighborhood, as proper maintenance has not been attended to.

Note that former County Supervisor Ken Lumpkin is the Chairman - from the referenced 2017 Form 990.

Why is a BINGO Hall allowed to evade paying their property taxes from 2011 to the present, thus forcing the cost on others, allow the property to deteriorate, and yet still retain a privileged business operating license?


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

And the Chairman of the Flatiron Business and Prof Association is none other than former County Supervisor and occasional Talking Racine Panelist Ken Lumpkin - per the Organizations form 990.

And the proceeds from the BINGO games, after prizes, are donated back to..... Flatiron Business and Prof Association!