Sunday, November 18, 2018


Dear Board of County Supervisors,

Engaging in frank and honest discussions is always of utmost importance. Therefore, in case that the Foxconn Development does not produce the desired/claimed financial effects for SE WI - perhaps a Technocracy, guided by Artificial Intelligence, might produce the desired outcome.

Something which you may find interesting:

M. King Hubbert - of Shell Oil and Peak Oil fame was a Technocrat. I made a pilgrimage to visit the Georgia Guidestones - to see for myself. I also traveled through the Appalachians and  visited the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.

Technocracy INC.
We are a non-profit membership organization founded in 1933.
Our Mission is to serve local and global communities by providing an informational network in support of a functional and thriving planet.  We will inform, educate, and empower the public toward new approaches to sustainable systems by modeling cooperative systems and incorporating scientific research and cumulative ideas.

The City of Racine doesn't need 5 in the Mayor's office - nor a County Executive and his costly staff - it just needs one AI computer which will be the most cost effective solution for all and free up monies for debt service and actual performed services which will benefit the entire Community.

The State of WI STILL continues to FAIL - as evidenced by the recent posts of Menzie Chinn who is Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Wisconsin’s very own Gang of Four, Governor Scott Walker, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave,  City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.


Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

Any objections?

A society based upon logic and reason.

What's not to like?

TSE said...

You can play the music - Pink Floyd - and then see the slide show of actual pictures of the Eclipse - at the same time!

Good time FUN!

Approved for all ages.

Rated G - as in Good wholesome times.....