Saturday, December 15, 2018

Boss Vos is a Threat to Democracy and Must be Tossed Next Election!

The Republithugs Act Out to Knee-Cap Incoming Governor Tony Evers! It 
is Another OUTRAGE! 
From the JT: 
Local legislators split upon party lines regarding reaction’s to 
outgoing Gov. Scott Walker signing the controversial 
extraordinary-session bills in Green Bay on Friday, less than a month 
before he leaves office. 
The bills were passed in an extraordinary session in which Democrats 
argued that the legislation reduces powers of the governor and 
attorney general. In November, Democrat Tony Evers defeated Republican 
Walker, and Democrat Josh Kaul defeated incumbent Republican Attorney 
General Brad Schimel. 
Republicans have argued that the legislation does not reduce the power 
of the governor but rather makes the State Legislature a more equal 
branch of government.

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TSE said...

Vive La France!

This is what a Democracy looks like!

A group of half-naked women posing as Marianne, the Goddess of Liberty and a symbol of French patriotism, have faced off with police in Paris.

Donning blood-red hoodies and coated in silver paint, the women paid homage to the French revolutionary hero on Champs-Élysées avenue on Saturday in a silent demonstration.

“Last time, we were here for taxes,” said 28-year-old called Jeremy told the AFP news agency.

“This is for the institutions – we want more direct democracy,” he said, adding that people needed to “shout to make themselves heard”.

Meanwhile, the WI Republithugs met in special session to Knee-Cap Governor elect Tony Evers – and they passed the Legislation – WHAT AN OUTRAGE!

While State Senator and totally taxpayer funded WI Pensioner State Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, said Walker was “smart” to sign the legislation and declared that the Legislation “leveled the playing field” – which can only imply that previously the playing field was tilted towards Governor Walker! YET ANOTHER OUTRAGE to the honest and hardworking people of WI!

NOW – Lame-Duck Guv Scott Walker – aka “Scooter” signs “extraordinary legislation” just prior to his departure from Office. ANOTHER OUTRAGE!

When is enough – enough?