Saturday, December 22, 2018

Indications of more incompetence/collussion/malfeasance at City of Racine Attorney Office

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
*WOW* It is strange - but true - and WTF is happening - to make this happen? 
AND - What's the Bearded Lady gonna do? (that's Trish Hanson - the Ham 
Hanson - Racine County DA). And how is questionably competent City 
Attorney  City Attorney Scott Letteney and his potentially malfeasant 
staff involved in this? (Yet, once again - I recommend you FIRE! the 
City Attorney and his entire staff) 
RACINE — A Racine family is pursuing a civil lawsuit against Tyrone 
Buckley, the man who allegedly stabbed and killed Matthew Young the 
day after Labor Day during a fight in a church parking lot. 
The Racine Police Department found that Buckley had been acting in 
self-defense and didn’t forward the police report from the case to the 
Racine County District Attorney’s Office until 64 days after Young’s 
Buckley, who is a felon, was reportedly carrying a retractable knife, 
which appears to be illegal under state law since it is a misdemeanor 
for felons to be “armed with a concealed knife that is a dangerous 
A knife to the heart: Questions remain after fatal September stabbing 
“Keep in mind that the burden of proof is lower in a civil action, so 
Mr. Buckley could be liable civilly, even if he’s not convicted 
criminally,” Ken Yandell, an attorney from De Los Santos Law Offices 
who has been hired by the Young family, said in an email. 
The incident is reportedly under investigation once again by the 
Racine Police Department and the Racine County District Attorney’s 
Two separate law firms — including De Los Santos Law Offices — have 
reached out to The Journal Times to receive a copy of the police 
report the RPD provided in October, since department officials have 
said the case has been reopened and thus they cannot share documents 
related to an ongoing investigation. 
District attorney reviewing Racine stabbing death investigation 
In a statement, Yandell said: “The circumstances surrounding the 
incident are highly suspicious. The Young family is frustrated and 
deeply disappointed with their treatment by the Racine Police 
Department and (Racine County) District Attorney’s Office. The RPD and 
RCDA have kept the family in the dark for three-and-a-half months now. 
The family requested, and was denied, documents related to this 
incident. They were not given a copy of the 79-page report … The fact 
that it took nearly two months for the police to forward a copy of 
their findings to the RCDA seems unusual, given that a young man was 
murdered in cold blood.” 
Yandell added that the Young family never received a medical 
examiner’s report from the incident. He also said that, after 
receiving a copy of the police report from The Journal Times, “making 
sense of it is challenging because it is so heavily redacted,” since 
many but not all of the names mentioned have been blacked out. 
“If Mr. Buckley is charged by the RCDA, I think a lot of our questions 
will be answered,” Yandell said. “Likewise, if the RCDA closes the 
case, and we are able to get an unredacted report and any other 
available records, we’ll be in a better position to pursue civil 
*WOW* - Let us hope that the allegations - ONE AGAIN! - aren't true - 
but most likely,  City of Racine Taxpayers will be paying for more 
legal assistance to clean up the mess. 
Time after time - lie after lie. 
(and) *FREE* Sandy Weidner! End the hate and oppression! 
End the deception and lies. 
Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

One crime after another from City of Racine Attorney's Office.

In yer face - and direct!

*FREE* Sandy!