Sunday, December 30, 2018

No doubt, the Collapse is upon u

"The report underscored that cheap energy flows are the lifeblood of 
economic growth: and that as we shift into an era of declining 
resource quality, we are likely to continue seeing slow, weak if not 
declining economic growth. 
This is happening at a global scale. EROI is already beginning to 
approach levels seen in the nineteenth century — demonstrating how 
constrained global economic growth might be due to declining net 
energy returns to society". 
The shift to non-fossil fuels - the abundance of the Sun's stored 
energy - will diminish - costs increase - and it will mean death - for 
Billions. William Catton summed it up in one word - "Overshoot". 
"The crisis of Brexit and the eruption of the riots in France are 
symptoms of a great unfolding civilizational transition, in which an 
old reductionist paradigm of materialist self-maximation is dying. 
Citizens and policymakers, activists and business leaders, need to 
wake up to what is actually happening to have the conversations that 
can kick-start meaningful approaches to systemic transformation. 
This is not a far-flung crisis that is going to happen years in the 
future. This is now. This is happening and it is affecting you, your 
children, and those you love the most. And it will affect their 
children, and their children. 
This is your legacy. This is your choice. This is your chance to 
engage with and become an agent of a new paradigm, one that speaks for 
all humans, all species, and the Earth itself. Maybe we don’t know 
exactly what the emerging paradigms will look like. But we know that 
it’s time to ask ourselves: where do we stand? With the old, or with 
the new?" 

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