Friday, December 21, 2018

To all the other drivers in the vicinity of Hwys 20 and 31:


I usually drive the speed limit or 5 miles above.  But I'm not going to do 15 or 20 mph above the limit   You can ride inches within my rear bumper and I don't care.  

I have seen some insane stuff on the hwys here.  Lots of red lights run.  

Speaking of which, very early this morning I was at an intersection.  The lane to my left was left turn only.  My lane was straight ahead or right turn.  I was going straignt.  While waiting for the light, the guy behind me started beeping He had his right directional on.  Apparently, he wanted me to run the red light so that he could turn.  As I said above, fuck you!  When the light turned green, I took my foot off of the brake but didn't hit the accelerator.  I let it idle out.  The guy behind me was furious, leaning on his horn.  Ha ha!  Fuck you!

I'm tired of spending half my time waiting at stoplights and I'm tired of the idiots on the road.  The Christmas shopping season really brings them out.  My fix?  I start my shopping at 6 - 7 AM now.  Get it done quick and get off the roads. 

I resent my dependence upon a vehicle here and need to learn how to walk again.  There's probably assholes on the sidewalks, too.


TSE said...

Fock you two!

Get off the Sidewalk and learn how to drive!

OrbsCorbs said...

I aim for people on bicycles.