Monday, December 24, 2018

Who Gives a Fuk Anyways.

Venezuelan Women "As Young As 14" Escape Socialism By Selling Sex, 
Hair And Breastmilk 
Women fleeing socialist Venezuela have taken to capitalism in order to 
survive; selling sex, hair and breastmilk as they make the perilous 
journey into neighboring Colombia in search of a better life. 
As Fox News' Hollie McKay reports, the Colombian border city of Cucuta 
is virtual chaos - as "Rail-thin women cradle their tiny babies, and 
beg along the trash-strewn gutters. Teens hawk everything from 
cigarettes to sweets and water for small change." 
Men buying hair approach groups of women with their young children, 
offering them enough to feed their families for a short while. Local 
wigmakers in Colombia will pay between $10 - $30, depending on length 
and quality. 
Other Venezuelan women - including girls as young as 14, resort to sex 
work on the streets of Cucuta - earning around seven dollars per john. 
Back home in Venezuela, the situation is dire - as the socialist 
country suffers from starvation, disease, a lack of healthcare and 
extreme violence. Children have been dying from hepatitis and malaria. 
"There is a human catastrophe in Venezuela. There is a resurgence of 
illnesses that were eradicated decades ago. Hundreds have died from 
measles and diphtheria. Last year, more than 400,000 Venezuelans 
presented malaria symptoms. Up to now, there are over 10,000 sick 
people from tuberculosis," said Caracas mayor and former political 
prisoner Antonio Ledezma, adding: "People have been doomed to death. 
More than 55,000 cancer patients don’t have access to chemotherapy. 
Every three hours a woman dies due to breast cancer." 
    Caterine Martinez, an attorney, and director of the Prepara 
Familias (Ready Families) organization in Venezuela – which endeavors 
to support hospitalized children and their families and caregivers – 
concurred that the public health care issue in the country is nothing 
short of “severe.” 
    “Currently there are no broad-spectrum antibiotics, not even basic 
antibiotics to treat basic pathogens from children and present chronic 
illnesses,” she said. “We don’t have x-rays working, they haven’t for 
a long time. We don’t have a CAT scanner or an MRI scanner. Many other 
vital medical instruments don’t work. The municipal blood banks don’t 
have reagents, therefore we have kids who are getting blood 
transfusions and are getting infected with hepatitis C and could even 
be injected with HIV.” -Fox News 
Suicide rates have also skyrocketed according to Fox - even among 
children. A Venezuelan children's rights group, CECODAP, has estimated 
an 18% rise in teens killing themselves over the last year. 
Martinez estimates that over 55 percent of healthcare professionals - 
including doctors and nurses, have left Venezuela, while resident 
doctors who have remained make a scant $24 per month. Specialists can 
make $30. 
"We also have a severe problem with nutrition. There is no supply of 
baby formula, nor nutritional supplements. Therefore, we have a lot of 
malnourished children and the situation is then even more 
complicated," said Martinez.

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TSE said...

Certainly not the Banksters!


“Every banker knows that if he must prove he is worthy of credit, however good might be his arguments, in fact his credit is gone.”

— Walter Bagehot

One more well placed kick - and the entire rotten foundation of Industrial Civilization will dissolve.

They should have stopped reproducing a long time ago.