Sunday, December 30, 2018

Who's the Boss in Racine?

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Gotta LOL at this one.... 
A city police officer stopped Mayor John Dickert for speeding Dec. 12, 
2009 in the 1200 block of North Main Street. Dickert was going 40 mph 
in a 30 mph zone at about 10 a.m. on a Saturday. He did not receive a 
ticket. There is no police report on the stop. 
Video of the traffic stop, obtained with a records request to the 
police department, shows a brief, cordial encounter between Officer 
Bob Bojcic and Dickert near Jane Elementary School. Bojcic was 
conducting a speed wave near the school after the department received 
complaints about traffic. 
Here’a transcript of the video: 
    Prior to exiting squad car: 
    Officer Bojcic: 1200 block of North Main (indecipherable) 
    Talking to Dickert: 
    Dickert: Hello, boss. 
    Officer: (indecipherable) You’re the boss, aren’t you? 
    Dickert: (laughs) Not always 
    Officer: Not always? 
    Dickert: What’s going on? 
    Officer: Not much. We had a Speed Wave back here 40 in 30 
    Dickert: Oh (indecipherable) Sorry … I was going to a radio show 
down in Kenosha 
    Officer: Yeah. Because of the school over there and the crossing 
guard always has fits over there so we come out here to do a speed 
wave out here to try and slow the traffic down it’s like a race track 
out here, you know? 
    Dickert: It’s actually a good idea. 
    Officer: Keep it down. 
    Dickert: You got it. 
Sgt. Martin Pavilonis, spokesman for the Racine Police Department who 
had watched the video, said proper procedures were handled during the 
It’s up to the officer’s discretion on whether a driver gets a ticket, 
Pavilonis said. He said it was not unusual for a stop to take about 3 
minutes when the officer does not issue a ticket. 
There is no set policy on an officer’s actions when they pull over an 
elected official like the mayor, Pavilonis said. If a police officer 
stops another police officer there is a policy to follow, he said, but 
that doesn’t apply to the mayor. 
As for the mayor’s conduct, Pavilonis said he acted appropriately. “I 
don’t think he asserted his rank as mayor,” he said. “I don’t think 
that’s the case at all.” 
Meanwhile.... Not one person around can find a crime Sgt. Stulo may 
have committed when he was allegedly involved in a hit and run, 
injuring an elderly woman! 
Where is the Bearded Lady? 
The lack of accountability - and complicity is so in the face - that 
most can see it. 
See more at: 
Mayor Cory Mason - HELLO - this is your wake up call.... 
We have an un-elected, that is appointed Chief of Police and his 
Officers – overseen by an un-elected, that is appointed Police & Fire 
Commission, whose appointments are yours, and yours alone to make – 
Mayor Cory Mason. And now one of those appointed members of the Police 
& Fire Commission – Attorney Patrick Cafferty, is representing Racine 
Police Department Officers who are having legal issues because they 
are alleged to have been involved with potential criminal activity. 
While the only charges filed, in the Stulo case – have been minor 
traffic tickets. *WOW* 
Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Maybe Mayor Cory Mason is MIA.

It is certainly possible.