Wednesday, January 2, 2019

"10 years after Becker's arrest, Journal Times to release podcast; trailer avail"

From The Journal

Special report

  • Racine Mayor Gary Becker is shown in a Kenosha County Jail booking photo.

    "RACINE — It might be hard for some people to believe it has been 10 years since then-Racine Mayor Gary Becker was arrested on disturbing sex charges.

    "For a city the size of Racine, when a key municipal official is arrested it tends to bring chaos and many questions in the wake of the incident. Will the mayor be removed from office? If so, how? Who will fill the role as interim mayor? What will happen to current city projects? When will there be a new election to fill the position if the person arrested steps down or is forced from office?

    "Today, The Journal Times is releasing a promotional audio trailer of an original podcast called 'The City,' which relives what that time was like in Racine. 'The City' is scheduled to be released in its entirety later in January. It will tell the behind-the-scenes story of a tense time in Racine’s history and how the city moved past it."

    Read more and listen to trailer:

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    OMG, I'd forgotten about that smirking face. I heard that he didn't live in the house he was assigned to. Who knows?