Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my nuts and bolts!  Happy New Year!  How are you?  Another year older begins to take a toll after awhile.  I'm too old to go out partying on New Year's Eve.  This year Señor Zanza and I shared a quiet evening on New Year's Eve.  Junior went out and I'm sure he got drunk and high and whatever.  He's at the perfect age for it.

Well, the injury-prone Aaron "Ow" Rodgers left the last game early with a concussion.  They took him to the hospital, but brought him back to the dressing room right after the game, which the Packers lost by another embarrassing margin.  "Big changes" next year.  Best change would be to get rid of Ow Rodgers at all costs.  If we can't dump him, make him a passing coach or something.  Meanwhile, let's find a real quarterback for the Packers, not just another pretty face.

My wish for the new year is a house cleaning at Racine's corrupt and lousy courts.  As if that could ever happen . . .  No one cares unless they get sucked into the criminal justice system.  They are less than 0.1% of us.  No one cares, and the "public servants" do as they wish.  A prime example is the sealing of the Weidner case.  What the hell happened there?  Another backfire from our courts,

In fact, those dishing out time should be serving it.  Dirty, dirty piggies.

In national news, Trump declared himself invisible and stuck his tongue out at the Democrats.  He insulted someone in China.  He shut down the government over his Wall.  His staff come and go quickly.  No one sticks by him because he's crazy.  Dangerously crazy.  Bit, what else is new?

Nutjobs and idiots have often served as president.  So Trump fits in, kinda.  If nothing else, he'll bribe his way in.

Junior cracked up his car again.  It must be, like, the 100th time.  What he does to Señor Zanza's insurance I can't imagine.  A million dollars a month premium?  I'm surprised he's still driving at all.  Sooner or later all those accidents will lead to the suspension of his license.  We'll see if Señor Zanza is willing then to take Junior wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants to.  I think Junior better fix up his bicycle (he cracked that up, too).

At least the weather hasn't been too horrible.  We have a couple more months of winter left , though, so who knows?

Thanks for reading my blog today.  I love my readers.

There are all sorts of winter activities available, though I don't know what they are.  I stay active with work and housework.
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