Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my m and m's!  How are you?  That nasty flu is making the rounds, so beware.  I got a flu shot.  I get one every year.  Señor Zanza doesn't.  Guess who ends up in bed being tended by the other.  It isn't me.  No, he gets the flu and I take care of him.  When I ask him why he doesn't get a flu shot, he says it's better for the body to be exposed to whatever is going around.  Yeah, right.

Junior is picking up on this.  I had a heck of a time getting him to take this year's flu shot.  I'm not going to have two men down, whiners, while I do all the work.  I told Junior to get the shot or expect absolutely NO help from me.  He got it, I think.

Taking down the Christmas tree is a sad affair.  It's so beautiful, but so dead.  I think if you lit a match within 6 feet of it, it would burst into flames.  So, it's taken down and the needles are vacuumed up and the decorations put away.  Now comes the part of winter I usually hate the most.  Usually, it's subzero throughout much of the next two months.  I hate that.  However, thanks to climate change, it's not too bad out there.  Still, boring and nothing to do.

I haven't followed anymore Packer news.  Until they dump Rodgers, I don't give a damn.  So there.

What is going on with Sandy Weidner and Judge Eugene Gakfidgrtwyuvcngksh?  How does a request for files turn into such a mess?  She's already been found guilty and fined, but it's been suspended until the rest of the mess plays out.  Rock on, Judge Gaskfloeudyvbtdsnmmhjlpd!

I want to go skiing.  Have the local resorts generated enough snow?  Let's go bust a leg.

I'm so glad that Jayme Closs was rescued.  I knew she was alive and tried a number of times to offer my services in the search for her, but I was rebuffed.  She might have spent far less time in captivity if the authorities could get over their prejudices.  You have to read the serial numbers off of the bills in their pockets, first.  How denigrating!

I'm used to it.  Nonbelievers have always been a part of the business.  I usually ignore them.  I just do what I do, which shames them.  If any of them are particularly nasty in their criticisms, I just turn them into pigs.

No, I don't have that power.  Do I?

Thank you all for tuning in this week.  I love all of my readers.

Enjoy the weather.   Who knows when it will change?
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