Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my do-bees and don't-bees!  How are you?  More s-word.  Darn.  And then it's supposed to drop to zero and below.  I hate winter in Wisconsin. Snow, cold, ice, slush, winds, etc.  Ugh.  I keep saying that I'll move to Florida, but I can't afford it.  So I freeze and slip and slide.  Sometimes the car doesn't want to start.  Sometimes there's a foot of snow on the sidewalk.  Sometimes your breath freezes as soon as it leaves your mouth.  Oh my.

Christmas isn't the only holiday that's heavily pimped.  Walmart of course has their Valentines merchandise out.  But they also have the Easter stuff out.  Easter isn't until the latter part of April this year.  Three months ahead of time.  Jeez Louise.

Junior is walking and taking the bus again.  He finally lost his license.  Forever, I hope.  After so many accidents and so many violations, it was bound to happen.  I believe that Señor Zanza is actually relieved.  I feel better knowing that he isn't speeding about.  Of course, he could drive without his license, but I trust that he has more common sense than that.  Or does he?  Maybe Señor Zanza should have a talk with him.  I'm going to suggest it this evening.

Business gets slower in the winter.  People are too tired from dealing with the weather to spend much discretionary money.  They shop online, so I don't see them as often.  Maybe I should hold a festival.  Madame Zoltar's Winter Psychic Fest.  For the $15 entrance fee, you can spend as much time with me as you like.  Of course, I'll be suggesting that some of the people become regular clients because of their problems.  Hmm.  This might work.  Where would I hold it?  I think Festival Hall is a little rich for my blood.  Maybe I'll just pick one of the bars that feature live music.  That might be enough room for me.  I could be the opening act for the Rolling Stones.

What does Mayor Butterball do all day?  With lying John, we knew he was out planning ways to rape us.  God knows what the Machinery Row fiasco cost us.  No one will tell.  But Butterball plays it low key and in some ways that's more disturbing.  Who knows what's going on?  If like Alderman Weidner you try to find out, you'll be crucified.  We have no right to know what our local government is doing.  Everything important is done in secret (again, just look at the sealed case against Weidner).  A judge supposedly offs himself, but no autopsy is done to answer some questions.  The pig City  Attorney Letteney does all he can to hide the facts.  And then yesterday it was revealed that Robin
Vos and his cronies spent nearly a million dollars on a Chicago law firm fighting the gerrymandering case.  Originally, Mr. Vos wouldn't reveal the information.  More secrets.  But he relinquished.  The politicians running our city are crooks of the greatest magnitude: They steal from all of us.This is why Racine has such high taxes.  We have to pay for the crooks.

Foxconn is now supposed to cost taxpayers an additional $150 million.  (  You know it will only go up and up.  This great manufacturing addition to our county may bankrupt us.  They're changing and scaling back their plans while the price rises.  Gee, thanks, ex-Governor Walker.

Sorry to be so depressing.  Winter does that to me, too.  Please bear with me for the next couple of months until I recover.  I love you all.  We are family.

Please be careful in the snow and prepare for the bitter cold days to come.  Don't play with winter.  It could cost you your life.
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