Saturday, January 26, 2019

Lighthouse Drive Property Tax Assessments

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
I do believe - much to my dismay - that I have discovered a 
discrepancy in the equality of property assessments on Lighthouse 
Drive - specifically the property owned by Mayor "Butterball" Cory 
Mason and Da' Judge - Rebekka Mason. It does seem to me that either 
the Neighbors have been assessed too high - or the Mason's property 
has been severely undervalued. 
Now - has every Resident who lives in City of Racine been afforded the 
benefit of an assessed value decline of nearly 50% - from 2009 to 2018 
- continuing into 2019 - especially on a Lakefront Lake Michigan 
property - of which those are in short supply? 
And while the Mason's only recently purchased the property.... what is 
the former owner's political connections? C'mon - who else has seen 
their assessed value drop by HALF! ? 
Mayor Cory  "Butterball" Mason and his Wife "Here come da' Judge" need 
to begin paying their *FAIR SHARE* of the Communities expenses - and 
overt and insulting aggression's against Taxpayers who play fairly on 
a level playing field needs to end. 
No more George Orwell's "Animal Farm"! games! 
I don't oppose Socialism - I oppose a power mad and abusive 
Kleptocracy which Loots the People and destroys Community. City of 
Racine is a two tier Community - a Feudal Society reborn - Lords and 
Serfs. City of Racine - extended to the County - is but a criminal 
enterprise - looting the Residents and leaving desolation and 
destruction behind - even while they promise "Re-Development"...... 
Tim & Cindy  


OrbsCorbs said...

Mayor Butterball and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Estate are pigs.

Anonymous said...

Watch the Mayor Cory Mason and Judge Rebecca Mason show dailey on CNN

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen John Hanner. I lost him.

John Hanner said...