Wednesday, February 27, 2019

City of Vice

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Somehow there is money in the Budget to expand the Mayor's Office to 
FIVE! Positions. 
A position which could be handled by at MOST competent persons. You 
need to decide - Mayor - OR - Administrator plus Assistant. 
And now comes the kicker - WHAT? 
‘Resources have to come from somewhere’ 
During the city budget discussion last fall, Mayor Cory Mason and 
other department heads said they had transferred some operation costs 
to fees in order to help keep down the tax levy. 
“We were working really hard to keep property taxes down this year,” 
Mason said on Monday. “The resources have to come from somewhere.” 
Parks Director Tom Molbeck confirmed at the Monday meeting that last 
year, after their deposit was returned, the department charged 
Salmon-A-Rama a little under $3,000. This year, Molbeck said the total 
charged would be a little under $7,000 for two days of set-up, one day 
for takedown and nine days for the event itself. 
Molbeck’s staff compared their fees with Kenosha, Janesville and 
Madison and said that while those cities’ fees were lower at the 
outset, they would “nickel and dime” renters for items like garbage 
cans. Molbeck said Racine’s fees look higher, but are all-inclusive 
“We are not pricing to price out anybody,” said Molbeck. “We’re asked 
to come up with fees for our budget and this is what we had.” 
Tom Molbeck is yet another $100,000 plus gold plated boat anchor 
warming a seat in City Hall with a $25,000 PLUS tax-free Fringe! 
It's the City of VIce - where taxes and fees support a bloated and 
INCOMPETENT Administrative staff while services are cut and events for 
Residents are denied because of outrageous fees. 
I hereby find the City of Racine Common Council GUILTY! of Looting 
Residents in a City of Ill Repute! 
Tim & Cindy 

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TSE said...

According to the property records which I searched - Thomas Molbeck resides in Mount Pleasant, where it's LESS taxing, - and NOT City of Racine.

Is this the same Thomas Molbeck who runs the Parks department and has raised fees to the sky and chased out little league football, baseball and now Salmon-A-Rama?!

Perhaps so....

What a SCAM! Flee the Community you loot and destroy!