Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dear friends!  How are you?  The weatherman says we're going to have some snow this morning.  Let's hope he's wrong.  In case he isn't, SLOW DOWN.  And please clean the snow off of all of you windows and head and tail lights and license plates.  I almost got smacked by a submariner who had only cleaned off what his windshield wipers would do.  What a surprised look on his face when he realized he wasn't alone on the road.  I'm so tired of winter driving, and there's more snow coming this weekend.

Be careful out there.  Winter driving increases your chance of being involved in an accident.  Once a car starts spinning down the road, who knows what it will hit?  I see idiot move after idiot move made out there.  Today I was behind someone who I believe was drunk.  When I tried to pass him, he would veer into my lane.  When I finally got past him, I placed the dreaded Zoltar Curse curse on him. The last I saw in my rear view mirror, his vehicle had burst into flames.

Lucky us, Pawstar is set to occupy the former Imperial Laundry building.  Pawstar makes products for a certain type of fetish.  Let's wish them continued success in their new digs.

There's talk about the 0.01% sales tax surcharge finally ending.  Of course, I'll believe it when I see it.  State Senator Wanggaard has introduced a bill to put a definite date on the end of the tax.  I'll go for that.  Otherwise, some smart ass might figure out a new use for the tax and thus they'll perpetuate it.  Die, tax, die!

Have I told you about  Racine Uncensored?    It's a relatively new anti-establishment site, and its proprietor, Ricky Jarstaad, is running for alderman of the 5rd District.  Good luck, Ricky.

Mr. Mayor Butterball wants everyone who works for the city to make at least a living wage.  The irony is that many taxpayers will end up subsidizing a raise that is higher than their own wages.  It doesn't matter, as long as City Hall looks good. 

The Sandy Weidner witch hunt has already cost us $75K.  Those are attorney fees.  The word must be out that you can charge Racine anything in fees and we'll pay it.  No wonder our taxes approach double those of similar sized cities.  And Mr. Mayor Butterball shows no sign of letting up.  At least with lying John, you had an idea when he was cooking something up; Mayor Butterball plays his cards much closer to his chest. 

Well, that's it, dears.  I'm tired and must be off to bed.  I love you all.

Enjoy the warm up. even if it brings more snow.
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