Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dear Village Board,

Amazon is pulling it's HQ from New York! An OPPORTUNITY for Mount 
Pleasant after the Foxscam Fiasco Failure. 
Zerohedge Reports: 
As it turns out, those reports about Amazon reconsidering its plan to 
build one of its "HQ2s" in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City 
weren't just trial balloons intended as a warning to New York Gov. 
Andrew Cuomo to get his people in line. 
Because in a Thursday announcement that will undoubtedly be heralded 
as a major victory by "Democratic Socialists" like Alexandria 
Ocasio-Cortez, the e-commerce giant announced that it would scrap its 
plans to move to New York City, much to the chagrin of Cuomo and de 
Blasio, who signed off on a $3 billion package of "performance based" 
state, city and public-private incentives offered to Amazon. 
Amazon shares have rallied in the aftermath of the announcement. 
But the ramifications for New York State politics will be far more profound. 
Amazon didn't mince words in its statement, placing the blame for its 
decision to deprive the state of what Cuomo's office once described as 
one of the biggest economic boons in recent decades squarely on the 
shoulders of progressive New York lawmakers who objected to the deal. 
The decision to pull out of NYC comes after New York State lawmakers 
nominated one of the deal's fiercest opponents to a state board that 
would grant him the power to unilaterally kill the state component of 
the incentive package. NYC progressives and "Democratic socialists" 
like AOC can claim a major victory over their corporate adversaries. 
Queens real-estate brokers on the other hand are reacting with a mix 
of "shock, anger and disbelief" as condo sales soared in the wake of 
the Amazon deal... 
Things in MTP favor: 
1. The opposition to Foxconn was completely crushed by the 
questionably legal actions of the government - which was held to be 
unaccountable by any reasonable standard. 
2. The extreme and questionably legal  damage to the Residents and 
Environment has already been accomplished. Farmland has been 
peramentally destroyed. 
3. Huge taxpayer commitments have been made, massive debt taken on, 
debt service increased, while bond ratings have dropped - forcing 
larger interest payments on debt service to Banksters. 
4. Foxconn has already admitted that Wisconsin Workers can't compete 
in a Global  Economy and that their plans have changed. They intend to 
manufacture -ZERO- product in MTP. 
5. Racine County Residents can't afford to pay the additional costa 
and debt service for the Foxscam Fiasco Failure - and they will need 
relief. ALA a PLAN "B" 
6. Instead of plan "B" being bankruptcy - it might be "B"ezos - as in 
Amazon locating it's HQ in MTP. 
7. Local Residents have already been beaten into submission - Farmland 
destroyed - and infrastructure is nearly ready - since Foxconn has 
changed it's plans - open the door to Jeff Bezos/Amazon  and 
prosperity he will bring to MTP. 
Tim & Cindy

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