Sunday, February 24, 2019

Get Rid of Letteney

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Please sign the petition and do the right thing for the long suffering 
and overtaxed  Residents of Racine. The gross incompetence displayed 
by the City Attorney - Scott Letteney and his entitre Staff - has cost 
Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of wasted dollars. 
We the undersigned, citizens of Racine, WI, hereby petition the City 
Council to do a complete performance review of City Attorney Scott 
Letteney for the purpose of removing him from office for misconduct, 
malfeasance and other violations of the City's Municipal Codes. We 
allege that Mr. Letteney has acted in a corrupt and incompetent manner 
and thereby inflicted multiple and heavy financial and social damages 
on the city and its citizens and on our confidence in city government. 
Under Letteney’s supervision, systems and procedures are in place to 
thwart, hinder and impede the general public’s right to 
"Let us be clear about what has happened. City Attorney Letteney, with 
Judge Gasiorkiewicz’s help, has wasted many thousands of taxpayer 
dollars to embrace a shocking level of official secrecy. Weidner and 
media organizations have, at their own expense, pushed back against 
this, and thus far prevailed. 
But the wrong that has been done here has not yet been righted. There 
ought to be consequences for the bad judgment shown by Letteney and 
Gasiorkiewicz, as well as by Racine Mayor Cory Mason — who, as far as 
I can tell, has sat on his hands as this outrage has played out in his 
city. The violation of the public trust here has been severe. The 
repercussions should be also." - Bill Lueders president of the 
Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. 
"In my 56 years in the news business, including a 15-year stint as 
president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, I've 
witnessed some bizarre attempts by government officials to keep 
information from the public they're supposed to serve — but the one 
that's currently dragging on in Racine County clearly takes the cake. 
Editor Emeritus Dave Zweifel The Capital Times 
"This whole episode is a disgrace to the City of Racine, an insult to 
taxpayers and a waste of money. It calls into question the judgment of 
the city attorney and his reasoning for pursuing such a misguided 
venture when he went before a closed session meeting of city aldermen 
in the fall of 2017." Racine Journal Times Editorial Board 
And be sure to also *FIRE* 3 of the ! 5 ! UNNECESSARY, overpaid and 
underworked positions in the Mayor's Office. Mayor Cory "Butterball" 
Mason indeed - the BLOAT is obvious and another burden on the 
overtaxed Residents of Ratcine. 
I love Racine for the obvious graft, nepotism, corruption, and gross 
malfeasance. It is NOT the City of choice - but the City of VICE! 
It is time to end the Hate and Oppression you are waging against the 
working poor, a Responsible and Accountable Alderwoman,  Residents, 
and Taxpayers. *FIRE* Scott Letteney and his entire staff! 
Tim & Cindy 

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