Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Comment

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons - 
From my comment: 
"City of Racine Attorney Scott Letteney and his entire Staff have 
acted with Gross Malfeasance and Incompetence in their pursuit to 
punish an Alderwoman for simply doing her job. City streets crumble, 
services are cut, and taxes are hiked to fund the vendetta of an 
incompetent City Attorney who labels even routine and open records as 
"secret" and claims "attorney -client privilege". When will Mayor Cory 
Mason and the Racine Common Council do their job - end the charade - 
and *FIRE* Racine City Attorney Scott Letteney and his entire Staff"! 
I'm an overtaxed and oppressed Resident - residing at 3706 Douglas Ave. 
Phone # (262) 822 - 7260 
You have my E-Mail - preferred contact. 
It is past time to *FIRE* Scott Letteney and his entire staff! 
Tim & Cindy


TSE said...

HELLO City of Racine Alderpersons -

Your failure to contact me or respond just proves your duplicity and continuing acceptance and enforcement of the Looting of City of Ratcine Residents and Taxpayers.

TSE said...

They ass rape me in Taxes and Fees - and then refuse to call me in the AM.

oh - fuck me!

fUCK u!