Monday, February 25, 2019

One thing for sure

There are at least two bearded Ladies who rule Racine County. 
I can’t believe how much sordid detail is in this news report. This is 
like the opposite of Fake News. Too Real News. 
    During the death investigations, officials were told Burrous, who 
leaves behind a wife and young daughter, 
Unfathomable. You’re this gay man’s wife or daughter. You wake up to 
read this in the news. What do you do? 
Why, exactly, was all this detail released to the press? Did the cops 
have a vendetta against Burrous and spilled every bean to the media? 
Is this par for the course in suspicious death investigations? You’d 
think the family would request discretion about the circumstances 
surrounding the death. Or maybe the wife hated her gay husband and his 
secret life. 
Last question. How many gay homosexual men have children? Is the 
wife-beard a common occurrence? I would think the more out-and-proud 
gay men there are, the fewer gay men in sham marriages who might pass 
on their theoretical (theatrical) gay genes. 
And Ken Yorgan = Tribal Elder - is queer  as fuck.

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TSE said...

Let God sort 'em out.

Enemies in front - enemies behind.

A constant battle.