Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wasting Taxpayer Dollars Again and Again - WHile Hiding Behind the Potential Results

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Journal Times has done an outstanding job of reporting on, and 
attempting to discover where over $118,00 of taxpayer generated funds 
has - once again - simply disappeared to. 
And of course - a controversy over whether the funds could be 
disbursed without Common Council approval has begun - with 
(incompetent - or so I claim) City Attorney Scott Letteney 
(observations based upon classifying ordinary Open Record E-Mails as 
Attorney Client privilege) claiming that he can essentially spend any 
amount he deems necessary, even when it exceeds the statutory 
aggregate limit of $50,000 - because instead of billing a one time 
"total amount" - it is instead - billed in hourly increments at less 
than $50,000 per hour. (LOL) 
Per Journal Times: 
"Usually when it comes to the “procurement of professional services,” 
City Council approval is needed if the cost of the professional 
services exceeds $50,000 in a given year. However, since MWH Law Group 
was paid via hourly rate for its attorneys and not a predetermined 
fee, then council approval wasn’t necessary, Letteney said". 
Dear City Alderpersons, I have some services I would like to sell you 
at $49,999.99 per hour........ 
General Incompetence and Malfeasance reigns supreme in the disorderly 
Racine City Hall ruled by horribly incompetent elect Mayor Cory Mason 
- and his 4 overpaid and unnecessary co-horts hiding in the City 
Administration Office. 
It is well past time to rectify the situation and do the right action 
for City of Racine Taxpayers. In addition, pursue criminal charges 
against Malfeasant Officials - and demand  restitution to make 
Taxpayers whole again. 
It is glaringly obvious that City of Racine can now *FIRE* 3 
unnecessary positions from the 5 currently ensconced in the Mayor's 
Office - begin wage and compensation decreases  - to better match that 
of 3rd World Nations, and emerging economies, and.... 
*FIRE* Glaringly Incompetent City Attorney Scott  Letteney and his 
entire incompetent and seemingly malfeasant staff. When public records 
are made secret - Racine Residents are being ruled by mentally ill 
*FIRE* Glaringly Incompetent City Administrator (Profit? Loss? 
Revenue? Expense? - what's the difference) Nick Palenick - who is 
completely lost to the basics of a balance sheet. 
*RESIGN* Cory! Who ran for Mayor but believed he couldn't do the job 
so he demanded two more in the Mayor's Office - 3+2 = 5. THIS IS 
*FREE* Sandy! STOP the HATE! End the oppression of a courageous 
Alderperson who performed her role with diligence, respect for the 
rule of law, and utmost consideration for her constituents. 
Tim & Cindy 

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