Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweety pies!  How are you?  Spring is only two weeks away, but the weather is not cooperating.  I'm so sick of snow and cold that I could vomit.  We get a couple of nice days where it looks like the snow could melt, and then we're hit with another blast of winter.  I think the winter is trying to make up for the mellow December that we had.  Two more weeks, I give the weather two more weeks and then it better be sunny and warm from then on.  If not, I'll place the dreaded Zoltar Curse on the weather.  Then we'll have snow in July and heat waves in January.  You can't screw up the weather much more than it already is. 

A knife fight occurred in Walmart's parking lot recently.  This is another sign of the degradation our city is dragged through by petty criminals.  I'm so tired of reading about this crap.  It seems that a good sized portion of city residents are animals.  When you call them on it, they are proud to be ignorant and uneducated.  It's an open race to see who can score the most benefits and free stuff.  They have no shame, so it's best to just lock them up and throw away the key.

I'm sorry to hear that Salmon-A-Rama might move.  The city wants to charge them $3,000 more than they have in the past.  What the hell is the matter with the clowns in local government?  We see less and less events at Festival Hall and Pershing Park.  So the city wants to charge more to the events that are left.  Most of them are nonprofit and such outrageous hikes in fees forces them to look elsewhere to stage their events.  Not much has changed since Mr. Mayor Coryuption Mason took office.  It appears that he is following in the infamous ways of lying John, pig and criminal.  Well, Mr. Mayor Mason looks a little like a pig.  He is short and fat.  As for his criminality, just check the record.  Why is his home's value $200,000 less than that of his neighbors?  So he can pay less in taxes, of course.  He's scamming ways to avoid taxes, but he wants us to pay more and more for the same old stuff.  I strongly suggest writing in Sandy Weidner for mayor on April 2.  She ran last time, but was knocked out of the race by City Attorney Scott Letteny's machinations.  He needs to be replaced, too.  And NOW.  He is a loose cannon and also a criminal, like so many of our "representatives."  Unfortunately, he has the goods on just about everybody in local government, so they're afraid to touch him.  Hmm, I can think of more than one way to dispose of the bearded lady.

St. Patrick's Day is on a Sunday this year.  Will the parade be held on that date or the Saturday before?  Whatever, Racine needs little excuse to get plastered.  Alcohol is everywhere and it's ten times more dangerous than cannabis.  Yet we legalize one and suppress the other.  The sheriff talks about drugged drivers in an attempt to scare people.  Want to be scared?  Just watch the patrons leave any bar at 2 AM.  They're drunk and they're driving.  The police know this, but do nothing about it.  There's so much more money in busting drunks after they've had an accident.  If they kill someone, too bad.  That's all, just too bad.  Where are the police when the bars close?  Why don't they bust bartenders for over-serving people?  Alcohol is protected by the police.  They need it to keep the $ flowing.  If people switch to cannabis over alcohol, all that drunk driving money goes out the window. 

And speaking of drunk driving, please make the first DUI a crime.  Wisconsin is a joke when it comes to drunk driving.  The police talk tough, but the drunks still flourish.  When you read that someone got busted for their 10th DUI, you have to wonder why such people are not imprisoned.  NO ONE should be allowed to achieve 10 DUIs.  What a stain on our police force. 

OK, I'm in a mood.  I'm tired of the lies that our government feeds us.  I'm tired of the secrecy that surrounds Mayor Butterball.  Secret courts, secret emails, secret negotiations, and secret plans - we pay for it all, but we're not allowed in on the secrets.  That's because the secrets would indict our "representatives."  Except for a few, our "representatives" are pigs wallowing in mud money.  If you bust them, they cry.

Well, don't let my evil mood color your day.  Usually, I can live with the fact that we are governed by criminals.  Just put bars around City Hall.  Usually, I can accept the fact that pigs run our city.  Sometimes, though, I have to speak out.

You should speak out, too, in the comments below.  And call your "representatives" and chew them out.  Do it regularly.  If enough people call, the "representative" will start to worry and maybe even be a little more honest.

Don't forget, my friends, that I love you all.  Thank you for reading my blog today.

Keep your head up and speak the truth.  That should scare most of the criminals in government.  Stay informed and attend meetings like the one for HOT Government tonight.  See the next blog for details on that.
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TSE said...

"St. Patrick's Day is on a Sunday this year. Will the parade be held on that date or the Saturday before"?

Does it matter - and who can remember anyways?

Days of the week? Ya got me stressing now.