Saturday, March 30, 2019

Great news for Team Foxconn

Dear Village Board, 
Great news for Team Foxconn, as soon there will be available an 
ABOUNDAZA supply of WI workers in search of a new job! 
A total of almost 2,500 Wisconsin workers will have lost their jobs 
when the last Shopko closes for good, a state agency said Thursday. 
The Department of Workforce Development said Shopko, the bankrupt 
Wisconsin retailer, would lay off another 1,715 employees in the state 
from 39 stores as it winds down operations and goes out of business. 
Thursday’s announcement brings the total number of employees to lose a 
job as the company closes all of its stores to 2,496, according to the 
A transportation company, Spectrum Transportation Services LLC & 
Spectrum America Supply Chain Solutions Inc., whose only customer was 
Shopko has also closed, leaving 225 employees without a job, the DWD 
The DWD said Thursday that it would offer affected employees services 
such as workshops on resume writing and interviewing, job searching 
and budgeting. 
Laid-off Shopko employees could also use re-employment services for 
free through the state’s job centers. Training assistance is another 
option for those in a workforce development program". 
With Foxconn downgrading it's initial commitment  to Wisconsin whereby 
it promised to build a 10 G LCD TV plant and employ 13,000 at $53,000 
each (minimum), to  a 6G LCD TV plant employing 1,000 (wages to be 
determined) - the soon to be available unemployed 2,500 former Shopko 
employees should be able to fill all available Foxconn jobs and those 
involved in the supply chain. 
*WIN* *WIN* 
It is like Mount Pleasant Residents have won the lottery - and I'm 
sure they can't wait until their property taxes drop to zero from the 
Foxconn Effect. 
Tim & Cindy

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