Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Better Mt. Pleasant

A Better Mt. Pleasant 
Yesterday at 11:56 AM · 
"What Wisconsin needs now is a course correction. Foxconn is not going 
to be manufacturing what it said it was going to be manufacturing when 
this deal was struck; it acknowledged as such even before the 
groundbreaking last June. It is not living up to its end of the 
bargain in countless ways. That’s unacceptable for the recipient of 
the largest taxpayer giveaway in the history of the Wisconsin." 
Kenosha and Racine County - along with Mount Pleasant - keep pushing 
full steam spending money and taking property like nothing is any 
different. When residents bring up these issues in public information 
meetings (which no one from #Foxconn has ever attended) Village 
Trustees sit in the audience calling their neighbors "ignorant." 

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