Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dear Village Board,

Dear Village Board, 
With Foxconn in default on their agreement with WEDC,  which 
stipulated Foxconn build a 10.5 G Manufacturing Facility.... and 
taxpayers on the hook for over a BILLION of borrowed money..... 
Why is Foxconn and the WI Republicans - who contracted the deal - Not 
held on the hook for Foxconn DEFAULTING on the deal? 
How come no concern for the Taxpayers who will be required to pay up 
and clean up Snotty Scottie Walker's failed deal? And the Foxconn CEO 
Terry Gou's Goo? 
A Desperate Foxconn and State Rep Robin Vos Now Seek To Renegotiate 
the WEDC Contract Which is Currently in Default 
Hopefully Governor Tony Evers can hold Foxconn and former Governor 
Snotty (uneducated) Scotttie Walker and Scofflaw and Charlatan State 
Rep Robin Vos accountable for their lies and coverups! 
Tim & Cindy 

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